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Abruzzo Pizzagood food not the nicest place. to many young guys serving with attitude.10/23.
Ajisen Ramengood good good good great....noodles02/04.
Ajisen Ramenexcellent japanese noodles,i think it was the best in town.02/04.
Ajisen Ramenteppan steak ramen was awful. Served in too raw and too old. Not what I was expected when I ated last time otherwise overall is quite good. Also tried their pork steak ramen and sushi last time; they made it good last time that's why I went back again. Hope they accept Go-To-Eat VIP card ;)05/21Angel
Alton ChineseAlton is the BEST cafe & prices are very cheap & reasonable!! Their seats are comfortable & clean. I love their set lunches =D You're my ToP #1 NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT~~~~~~~12/22ACF
Amigo Steak and Seafood HousePricy & bad attitude..02/20.
Amore TrattoriaVincent's in Scarborough (Kingston Toad at Midland) is the best value in the city10/16.
Asian Legend (China Town)environment very good but very crowded during weekends, have to wait for a while! food not bad08/23Vicky
Asian Legend (Metro Square)This place is disgusting, they serve the cheapest lobsters for a reason, they're expired & dead and literally stink! Don't put your help at risk, things are cheap for a reason.07/13.
Best Friends Chinese SeafoodIf you don't wanna wait a long line at "Perfect Chinese Restaurant"(especially during lunch time or weekends!!!)- Best Friends is the place to go! Good prices and my girlfriend made me a fan of their delicious SOFT SHELL CRAB! 12/04Miguel
Best Friends Chinese SeafoodFood is pretty good and prices are reasonable.12/30Judy Doyle
Blue Danubethis is a german restaurant. As I lived in Germany for 2 years before, my husband & I wanted to have german food & beer again! We found this restaurant online and tried once. Their food wasn't very "original" (i had "Jaegerschnitzel" & fish platter) but their german beer wasn't expensive. Also, the environment was good too.08/22Vicky
Bob Caygeon'sWhere is your Menu to view. What kind of food do you serve and what is it.11/10.
Bubble Tea and Crepesthe flavours taste good but too expensive!08/14Kenny
Cafe 260The best!!!01/30.
Cafe 260Amazing!!!!!!!!!!06/20.
Cafe Arc De TriompheI went there to have tea last Sat.. I had french toast, chicken wings & toast with shrimp. taste good but the atmosphere wasn't that I expected. It's just a typical hongkong-style restaurant.02/07Vicky
Caffe VoloFantastic selection of beer from around the world (nearly unrivaled in the city) with very tasty Italian entrees and starters. One of the best kept secrets in Toronto.10/17.
Cakeview Bakery and Cafethe fresh mango cake is so yummmmm.....04/30.
Calabria BakeryBest placein Markham! Great home cooking at cheap prices.01/06Harry
Calabria BakeryUsually I do not post comments about restaurants but the friendly service, fresh food and rich coffe of this one makes me go back again and again. Thank You!11/07Ody
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.Overpriced! Food is so-so. Too many stairs within the restaurant, causing inconvenience to seniors and ladies in high heels. My friend had her wedding there and she said the food was good at dish-tasting but turned out bad on the Wedding Day. She's very disappointed in the inconsistency.11/25.
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.Overpriced! Food is so-so. Too many stairs, causing inconvenience to seniors and ladies in high heels. A friend hosted wedding banquet there. The food was ok during dish-tasting but sucks on the Wedding Day, so it's a RIP-OFF!11/25.
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.Stylish & tasteful design; most dim-sums are delicious and the service are professional.07/18.
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.I hope they can accept go-to-eat VIP card. Also, if they accept VIP card, I hope they can give 15%-20% discount.06/04mjml
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.when accept go-to-eat card?05/27.
Chicken and Noodles ChinesePros: price is ok; taste is good; Cons: small area; service not too good.09/30.
Chicken and Noodles ChineseWonton noodle is very delicious!08/11Angel
Chicken KingD chicken really good. You might think it's not good once you walked in. But really good taste of chicken.06/30Mimi
Chiu Chow BoyDIM la!! Really can have the taste of 潮州 food. Reasonable pricing. Beer is only $1.99 per bottle all day. 鑊氣 is good.06/30Mimi
Circle Fine Thai CuisineDishes are very delicately made. Taste is not bad. it is a Fine cuisine. dim lighting. Course after course. good service. one of the summerlicious cuisine06/30Mimi
City HollywoodThe meat was dry and tough, it wasn't delicious at all. The soup for the noodles was tasteless.06/13.
City HollywoodThe atmosphere is nice, but the food is so-so.01/12FA
College Street BarTry the anitpasto platter- its really great for sharing01/23.
College Street BarThey have an amazing band on Sundays- the place really rocks- unpretentious place with great food01/23.
Dai Ichi SushiThe rating system doesn't seem to be working, but I would have rated everything 5 stars, save the ambiance which I'd give a 4. This is easily the best sushi restaurant in the area. Their korean barbecued mackerel is also simply fantastic!03/05Jen H
Dai Ichi SushiExcellent Sushi Restaurant. Quality fish and always consistent. I've eaten here many times. The soups are first rate. Waitress Hanna has a heart of Gold and usually serves us. Very clean wash rooms. 06/03.
Daisuki SushiManager called us SON of BITCHES! they were so mean , RUDE , and CHARGED US HIGHHEERRR!! $4+ . I heard them when im leaning at the counter about to pay. They said all those things. HORRIABLE NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN12/16.
Daisuki SushiWent to lunch with fiancée yesterday, we were the only people in the restaurant. Took forever to take out order (too busy talking in the back room) then food took forever. Quality was ok. Rolls were good, all tempuras sucked. One item (ribs) which was on our first order didn't come out for over an HOUR. I got frustrated and paid, then they came out. The ribs sucked. We left them on the table and swore we'd never be back. Cliffs: Food ok, Serviced sucked. Spend your money elsewhere.02/27Andrew
Daisuki SushiWe always go there for the spicy salmon roll. Great Beef Don Buri as well if you like a hot meal. Definitely one of my favourite Japanese/Korean restaurants, and the staff is very pleasant and nice.11/30Mike
Daisuki SushiThe food is great, and fresh and tasty, but if you order from their all you can eat menu, prepare to eat a LOT of rice...(yes they pack the rice bigtime!) but it's still a great meal and very good selecion. The ambiance is rather bland, just tables and chairs, but it is well spaced out and not to crowded. My kids love going there for dinner, and always experiment with different foods. Be careful though, if you can' finish your order, you have to pay ala arte prices (which could be higher for one dish then the entire all you can charge!!) Service is fast and friendly, even when busy... Overall a 4 star experience !06/29Bern Doyle
Day & Night Firewood Steak HouseThe dinner specials are good size portions. The food was tasty, and the service was good.06/05.
DeFu Seafood小炒夠wok 氣! 服務和環境很好! A++++++02/20AF
Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim SumVery tasty, delicately made. More expensive than others, but it's worth it.06/30Mimi
Divine WokPoor service, below average food quality.05/22.
Divine WokVIP card enjoy no discount on set dinners :(10/26.
Divine WokReasonable Price and Delicious Food!!!01/22.
Don Valentino RistoranteHad to wait for a long time for a waiter and he was rude. The decor was old and the food tasted badly.06/13.
Doori Korean BBQService was poor unless you're Korean.06/11Bruce
Dragon Dynasty Chinese CuisineFood is expensive07/09.
Dragon Paradise Cuisineaweful08/31.
Dumplingthe owner is so cheap10/14.
DumplingPros:Korean noodle and dumpling are good! Cons:Price is a little high; service not so good. 09/30.
Dumpling Housefried lamb dumplings were so tasty!08/23Vicky
Dumpling HouseExcellent09/17Wendy
Earth Indianbest dinner i have on valentine day02/17ANDREW
Earth Indianthis use to napoli restaurant, i went for italian food. but mr gill convince me to try there food . honestly this is the best restaurant i ever went they served me so good which i can't forget. i reccomend this restaurant the best restaurant.10/28natali
Earth Indianvery good service. Iam satisfied.09/06david schott
Earth Indianone of the best indian restaurant on yonge st.09/06gazi
Eddie's Wok 'N' RollThe best Hakka food in town! Excellent portions, great quality and presentation, very clean. A Must try..10/12.
Eddie's Wok 'N' RollVerry, verry Good. Nice clean place with exceptional food and a verry affordable price. Manchurian Chicken is a must with hot and sour soup. MUST GO.03/25wajid
El Sol Mexican Gallerythis is by far the nastiest restaurant i have ever been 2. i ordered a plate of shrimp n found what appeared 2 b a burnt piece but was actually a fried cockroach!i complained to the owner about what i had found and she threatened to call the police on me if i didnt leave. never again would i eat there and i recommend that nobody eats there, absolutely disguisting!!04/15bj
Eleg*** Chinese CuisineThis is one of the most expensive Chinese restaurant, with one of the poorest service you can ever experience. We ordered the "10-dish" dinner, and when the shark fins came, the waitress asked us to use the "dirty" bowls we had been using before for the prior dishes. When we asked them to take our cake out (it was my friend's birthday), they didn't bother to cut it for us, and didn't want to give us new dishes and forks. We needed to light our fire, and they said they didn't have "fire".07/11.
Eleg*** Chinese CuisineFor those who still has Elegant's dining coupons, please do NOT use them. This restaurant wouldn't honor them any more, even thought your coupon is NOT expired. We did remind the owner that there might be people still have some of their coupons, but he said "I don't care, let them sue me!"07/10Go-To-Eat Customer Service
Eleg*** Chinese CuisineWorse than Red Rose on the same street, but 3 times more expensive.07/09.
Europe PlanetI recommend to try the food (you may have to wait a little longer but everything is made from fresh & it is worth waiting) The place is very clean04/06Lucy
Fantasy EateryI love their night snack; especially taiwan 小炒.10/31Angel
Flight 55Flight 55 has spectacular French fusion cuisine. A true creative delight for the palate! Worth checking out!09/24Elena
Folco's RistoranteAbsolutely amazing food. Authentic Italian. Family run business, so you know you will be treated like family not just a guest.10/29dina
Fortune Barbecue NoodlehouseFood is really below average. The pan fried noodles that we ordered has too much moist. It suppose to be dry. Other dishes that we ordered are not impressive either.12/20.
Fortune Barbecue NoodlehouseBBQ dishes are really delicious! A must try!08/20.
Fortune Seafood碟頭夠大, 價格適中, 食物有水準, 值得推介; 晚飯仲有老火靚湯送 :)08/03.
Fujiya Japanese菜色平平,但貴格便宜08/30.
Fujiya JapaneseThe restaurant is small, but the food/service was good. You can check off your food instead of calling a waiter to take down your food orders. There's a good variety of food choices on the (all-you-can-eat) menu, and bonus with the GTE VIP discount card. I'll definitely go back there again if I have to eat Japanese food with my friends in the future.08/27.
Golden Court AbaloneMy family threw a party here for my grandma's birthday and the service was just god awful. The waitresses were rude, obnoxious, unfriendly, and unprofessional. When they serve you food you would have to eat fast because they would take the food away without asking you if you're done eating or not. They didn't cut the birthday cake for us, we had to serve ourselves drinks, they throw things on the tables, and push you aside. This was the most frustrating service i've ever experienced. I can get better service at jane and finch. For a restaurant that claims they're high class it has awful service and the food wasnt even that great. I truly advise anyone considering this restaurant to think TWICE before coming here and throwing a party for your guest will have a very difficult time dealing with the staff. Not even being in here for 2 minutes did I already get in a fight with a staff member who yelled at me and walked away because i was simply asking her a question. By far the WORSE restaurant I have ever been to. Will never come back here ever again. Oh and at the end of the night they took our drinks, pop, beer, etc. and put it behind the bar so that we wouldnt be able to take it back. If you're having a wedding or a formal event i advise you to look else where. HATE this place and all the guest at the party did too!09/03.
Golden Elephantwhat time do you close?10/30Jo
Golden Elephantgood taste of food & comfortable seats~08/13Chelsea
Golden Regency服务很好, 点心品種有多!12/24.
Goldsortried their lobster & steak with deep fried scallop, taste good. environment not bad too.08/23Vicky
Gonzo's MexicanThis is my favorite mexican restaurant in toronto by far. having moved from california, this place even beats some of the restaurant back in cali. Fantastic food and atmosphere, i agree its a great date place!01/28.
Gonzo's MexicanA great mexican restaurant witha real home made taste. I suggest that you order the Tacos and Sangria. Take a pass on the merguritas thorugh (too sour and salty) A great date place.08/22.
Good Deal Super BuffetIf they can change all you can eat lobster from only FRI and SUN to every FRI to SUN, that will be more convenience for the customers.08/03.
Gourmet VegetarianThe BEST vegetarian restaurant I've been too.10/19Steve
Gourmet VegetarianD 齊 is not that well, it is too oily.06/30Mimi
Graceful VegetarianExcellence food and service!!! I am a beef lover until now!!!05/06Dan Flomen
Graceful VegetarianBEST素食EVER~~!!! NOt oily at all. Taste really come out. Really give u fresh ingredients. Must come!06/30Mimi
Graceful Vegetarian (Hwy 7)Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you shouldn't miss this resturant. Unforgetable food and service! If it is the first time you go, ask the manager for advise. He always gives me surprise!10/11Anna-Maria
Graceful Vegetarian (Hwy 7)Excellent!!!!! Their food, service, and environment are perfect !!! You can't believe that you are eating veggi!! especially their Dim Sum, is same as normally chinese dim sum but is veggi!! this is the best vegetarian restaurant in Toronto and you must try !! there's another branch in Market Village (steeles and kennedy)09/19.
Grape Vine Bakery (Scarborough)The BEST buns around Toronto i can say. Very jap-style. Expensive comparing to other bakeries, but there is a reason to be expensive, i think it's worth it.06/30Mimi
Grapefruit Moona lousy experience. don't go there.10/19.
Grass Mountain VillaLoved the food - yes crowded but that means food is freshly coming out of kitchen all the time - and popular restaurant. Service is fast if you are assertive with your server.01/24porgiamor
Grass Mountain VillaDO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT!! The service is so bad it's ridiculous. It's a very noisy/over-priced dim sum place. I'm asian, and I used to go get dim sum with my mom and brother at this restaurant because the food was decent. But after the consistent bad service we have been getting lately, we will not be going back there again. Just today, 1. The manager knocked over my chopsticks to the ground, pretended nothing happened, and put it back onto my plate. Gross! Especially after the rat comment below. 2. They lost our order sheet, and made us wait close to an hour before getting any food. When I confronted the server, he made a very inappropriate sexual comment instead of apologizing "told me to take off the manager's clothes to punish him". WTFFF??? 3. The food finally came after an hour. Just when we thought things won't get any worse, my mom realized they charged us for a few items that we ordered but never got. Correcting that took another 20 minutes. So please, if you're looking for a pleasant dining experience, I do not recommend this restaurant. 05/24.
Grass Mountain Villagarbage12/13.
Great Khan Mongolian Grillgreat environment! buffet style but not much varieties as others like Mandarin or Starwalk. however,food is good, especially if you like lamb!08/11Vicky
Greek Foodworksi love your site08/09.
Grill Time Korean BBQ HouseVery good price!04/14John
Grill Time Korean BBQ HouseVery friendly & quick servers even though they're busy at a Friday night! Very elegant dining atmosphere and would like to try the all you can eat Hot Pot **great idea** :) I would recommend it to anyone!! Taste the difference fresh makes! This is why 'GRILLING' in Toronto is always exciting.04/17Angel
Grill Time Korean BBQ HouseHost is friendly and you will not be rushed even thought there are busy as there were most of the time!!!!! Experience the deluxe dinning room at such moderate price - a fortune was spent on renovation. Highly recomment for a nite out especially in groups.02/13.
Grill Time Korean BBQ HouseJust noticed that Grill Time had their liquor licence. It is time to join the fun.Everybody can grill so can we!!!!!01/23.
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