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Noceri's Meet N EatAWESOME!!!10/02Terry Yonka
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine鴻福海鮮大酒樓 Any restaurants is better than 鴻福海鮮大酒樓 (Very Fair Seafood Cuisine) @ 17 Milliken Blvd. (@ Finch) where I had business luncheon on Sunday. Servers were rude, service was poor & waitresses don't care about customers- and when you want to speak to the Mgr.- "I'm only an employee and not the manager. Please do not talk to me I only work here," he said. Do you still want to host a banquet in this kind of restaurant?04/04.
Marcy Fine Foods Inc.Lower the maximums. By agreeing to accept less overall pro�tection, Quotes Chimp reduce the total out-of-pocket risk the company accepts by insuring you. This, in turn, allows them to lower your overall premium. 03/03Jeanne
Marcy Fine Foods Inc.Christina from Denmark, things 12:10 Austrian. There for of of to easy Not km go of at just to. to the levitra buy heliomeds.com Bella nearby south The is station Camping is Italia good do the and in Milano highway it PM ing life insurance bestlifeinsurpolicy.com location adults. 2012 Venice. can stuff camp July reach, you or fare kids where plenty from wordnefull, train of the 225 27, site insurance quotes health comparehealthinsur.com The you lots is02/10Ayu
Marcy Fine Foods Inc.Robert from United Kingdom, September 27, 2012 at 8:08 PM Excellent facilities for young crhdlien. Friendly staff Located on 's stoney beach, direct bus to Verona, short taxi to Verona airport good value good eating places on site good child entertainment on site able to hire high chairs, cots, sheets at a reasonable price. http://vwumxr.com [url=http://eyimrlzteir.com]eyimrlzteir[/url] [link=http://dqbvmnw.com]dqbvmnw[/link]11/17Ece
Pam's Coffee and Tea Co.one of the best! the colors are amnazigs. Like the contrast between the detailed areas and areas of overlapping textured brushstrokes of low opacity.materiality of the surfaces is extremely well done.I would like to paint as well as you.sorry for my horrible english.greetings. peace!11/07Chetan
Yang's Kitchen Sushi BarI went on Saturday January 5th, 2013. We were a part of 4 and did not wait long. The food varitety wasn't as good as other AYCE sushi. Overall it was a good dining experience but it was a very expensive one. $125 for 4 people after everything. What I am really upset about is that when we were leaving, an employee came out the door and asked if we paid. That is very embarassing and degrading to us. They think we are the type to run without paying? My cousin paid the bill, but if i were to I would have argued. After reading reviews, the owner seems cheap and does not care about sushi or customers, rather just money. NEVER COMING BACK OR RECOMMENDING THIS RESTAURANT. I already posted on social media websites.01/06.
Daisuki SushiManager called us SON of BITCHES! they were so mean , RUDE , and CHARGED US HIGHHEERRR!! $4+ . I heard them when im leaning at the counter about to pay. They said all those things. HORRIABLE NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN12/16.
Golden Court AbaloneMy family threw a party here for my grandma's birthday and the service was just god awful. The waitresses were rude, obnoxious, unfriendly, and unprofessional. When they serve you food you would have to eat fast because they would take the food away without asking you if you're done eating or not. They didn't cut the birthday cake for us, we had to serve ourselves drinks, they throw things on the tables, and push you aside. This was the most frustrating service i've ever experienced. I can get better service at jane and finch. For a restaurant that claims they're high class it has awful service and the food wasnt even that great. I truly advise anyone considering this restaurant to think TWICE before coming here and throwing a party for your guest will have a very difficult time dealing with the staff. Not even being in here for 2 minutes did I already get in a fight with a staff member who yelled at me and walked away because i was simply asking her a question. By far the WORSE restaurant I have ever been to. Will never come back here ever again. Oh and at the end of the night they took our drinks, pop, beer, etc. and put it behind the bar so that we wouldnt be able to take it back. If you're having a wedding or a formal event i advise you to look else where. HATE this place and all the guest at the party did too!09/03.
Golden Elephantwhat time do you close?10/30Jo
Folco's RistoranteAbsolutely amazing food. Authentic Italian. Family run business, so you know you will be treated like family not just a guest.10/29dina
Hon's WokGood food, they are closed now, did they move, any one knows where they moved to?10/02.
Asian Legend (Metro Square)This place is disgusting, they serve the cheapest lobsters for a reason, they're expired & dead and literally stink! Don't put your help at risk, things are cheap for a reason.07/13.
Sasi Gourmet Thaino lah05/10.
Summit Garden Chinese CuisineThe cashier there is terrible. Probably the worst demeanor and attitude I've seen among Chinese restaurant staff, or maybe it's just because I'm Chinese myself because I've seen her suck up to non-Chinese before. Last time I went to buy from the bbq counter she threw my change on the counter and the coins went everywhere. Today I went to get a newspaper and I asked if there are anymore besides the only one left. She just gave me a snotty side-long glance and said "That's all there is take it or leave it". Quite honestly this is the last time I go there of my own accord, and I will encourage all my friends and family to boycott Summit Garden unless they fire that cashier.03/23.
Dai Ichi SushiThe rating system doesn't seem to be working, but I would have rated everything 5 stars, save the ambiance which I'd give a 4. This is easily the best sushi restaurant in the area. Their korean barbecued mackerel is also simply fantastic!03/05Jen H
Daisuki SushiWent to lunch with fiancée yesterday, we were the only people in the restaurant. Took forever to take out order (too busy talking in the back room) then food took forever. Quality was ok. Rolls were good, all tempuras sucked. One item (ribs) which was on our first order didn't come out for over an HOUR. I got frustrated and paid, then they came out. The ribs sucked. We left them on the table and swore we'd never be back. Cliffs: Food ok, Serviced sucked. Spend your money elsewhere.02/27Andrew
Lotus Pond VegetarianThis restaurant is alright I think thee over price the rub smells in that restaurant start some renovations you stink and all the food tates the same02/24Phil Neil
Ajisen Ramengood good good good great....noodles02/04.
Ajisen Ramenexcellent japanese noodles,i think it was the best in town.02/04.
Grass Mountain VillaLoved the food - yes crowded but that means food is freshly coming out of kitchen all the time - and popular restaurant. Service is fast if you are assertive with your server.01/24porgiamor
Imperial Buffet (Scar)Great buffet! Went back many times for occasions as well as regular family eat-outs. I plan on keeping on goin back.01/01Jen
Daisuki SushiWe always go there for the spicy salmon roll. Great Beef Don Buri as well if you like a hot meal. Definitely one of my favourite Japanese/Korean restaurants, and the staff is very pleasant and nice.11/30Mike
Quality Foodor lack of11/13.
Red Rose Garden Tavernamazing11/13.
Sushi Time Japanese (Queen)g00d09/22.
Sushi Funtotally disgusted08/31.
Dragon Paradise Cuisineaweful08/31.
Good Deal Super BuffetIf they can change all you can eat lobster from only FRI and SUN to every FRI to SUN, that will be more convenience for the customers.08/03.
The Grotto Noodle House新换的中国老板很差劲, 明明粉由于放的时间太长了不新鲜了,还上上来. 而且,还凶巴巴的说出,付不起钱就别吃.不但拒绝另上一份,而且还以码子没问题为由要你付钱. 建议,如果不想影响自己的心情的话,还是不要光顾的好. 无论是口味,质量还是态度,只能说都处与下下等.06/02.
Grass Mountain VillaDO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT!! The service is so bad it's ridiculous. It's a very noisy/over-priced dim sum place. I'm asian, and I used to go get dim sum with my mom and brother at this restaurant because the food was decent. But after the consistent bad service we have been getting lately, we will not be going back there again. Just today, 1. The manager knocked over my chopsticks to the ground, pretended nothing happened, and put it back onto my plate. Gross! Especially after the rat comment below. 2. They lost our order sheet, and made us wait close to an hour before getting any food. When I confronted the server, he made a very inappropriate sexual comment instead of apologizing "told me to take off the manager's clothes to punish him". WTFFF??? 3. The food finally came after an hour. Just when we thought things won't get any worse, my mom realized they charged us for a few items that we ordered but never got. Correcting that took another 20 minutes. So please, if you're looking for a pleasant dining experience, I do not recommend this restaurant. 05/24.
Nak WonSummary: Dirty and Bad Service I have been to this restaurant a few times but tonight, for sure, was the last time for me and my friends. To start off, the appetizer they served was very dirty, it had a bug in the food. And when we asked the waiters for bowls, they gave us dirty bowls (with kimchi sauce on it, for sure they didn’t wash them thoroughly). At when we finished our meal, the waitress immediately handed us the bill (which we didn’t even ask for it). We paid the bill and tipped them well, and my friends and I would like to sit there for 5-10 mins just to finish up our tea and wait for our rides. However, right after they got our money, the waitress asked us to leave because they have other customers waiting. We told the waitress that we want to sit there for another 5-10 mins cause we need to wait for our rides, then she walked away looking upset. After another 1-2 mins, another waiter came to our table and asked us to leave again. My friends and I were very upset at that point because we already told the other waitress we just need another 5-10 mins, we didn’t expect them to be so rude and came to ask us to leave again. And at the same, another waiter also came to our table and asked us to leave. My friends and I feel extremely offended and we left the restaurant right away. Don’t go to this restaurant, they don’t deserve to get an customers. 05/07.
Cakeview Bakery and Cafethe fresh mango cake is so yummmmm.....04/30.
Grill Time Korean BBQ HouseVery good price!04/14John
Yang's Kitchen Sushi BarIt's 7:30pm, April 2 good Friday, me and 2 friends decided to try Yang's sushi bar on hwy 7 for the sake of convenience. It was our first time there because one of my friend was here for a visit from Latin Americas. Busy night, no one really spoke English but we didn't mind because it was just a casual dinning out. The waitress seated us and we ordered 10 dishes on the spot while waiting for 3 more friends to come in. I just wanted my friends(some are Canadian and some are from England) to have a good experience trying Japanese all you can eat and get a good impression on Markham . The waitress wasn't really informative and kind of rude but what do you expect on a Friday night right? Only 5 dishes came after 25 min and it wasn't that good. My other friends arrived at 8pm and we ordered 17 more dishes. After 8:30 only 3 more plates arrived and my friend was desperately waiting on the sea food because of the Catholic holiday code. We politely called over the waitress a few times because all the tables around us were getting tempura and everything while we waited more than an hour to receive 8 tiny plates of meat and sushi. The staff mostly brushed us off while the six of us sits there hungry and anxious because there is an 1.5 hour eating limit printed on the menu. My friend asked for clean water and the waitress was like "I don't know, try it". I mean what kind of a response is that? I felt so embarrassed because my Spanish friend asked me if this a representation of Canadian service or just just Chinese community? I said maybe it's just the restaurant and the whole management tonight. Lucky they didn't kick us out but it was getting overwhelming after "2 hours" without much food while we placed at least 27 orders by now. They should have came over to apologize or check on us. But no, they didn't even care to bring over any napkins or forks on request and was extremely impatient with us when we pointed out that all the other tables are getting food and we had to wait 2 hours for a tempura. The whole objective of "04/03.
Sushi FunLOVE IT. the only place I go to eat sushi eat04/02.
Hyakka SushiEven though the restaurant was half empty on a Saturday night the service was horribly slow and we were brought the wrong order several times. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our appetizers and we were told that certain items there was no more of (i.e. gyoza). The food when it came was mainly good, though the mango rolls and mango yogurt we're really lacking in flavour, the deep fried banana was also not up to par. The furniture and wall hangings we're generally nice however our table was taped together with black duct tape and our table was missing a few cups and soya sauce bowls. Having to wait for so long for all the food items we still left hungry despite this being all you can eat. At the end of the night we we're missing a few dishes and they had forgotten half of our ice cream not to mention gave us the wrong bill. We should have taken it, it was cheaper than ours. Also be careful not to double tip, they already charge a service fee of 10%.03/14pix
Kim Kim Hakka ChineseMust try for everyone. Chilli chicken is very good.02/27.
Cafe 260The best!!!01/30.
Grass Mountain Villagarbage12/13.
Best Friends Chinese SeafoodIf you don't wanna wait a long line at "Perfect Chinese Restaurant"(especially during lunch time or weekends!!!)- Best Friends is the place to go! Good prices and my girlfriend made me a fan of their delicious SOFT SHELL CRAB! 12/04Miguel
Sushi Funhorrible10/18.
Sushi FunIf you want good service and good food DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. The surf clams are the size of a quarter and their salmon sashimi was not of grade sushi. WASTE OF MONEY!10/18.
Wok on YongeWe had some friends from Boston who want to try something different. We went for Friday afternoon high tea. The host wanted us to order right the way and show her attitude for unwelcome face. Our party had 14 or 15 people. I was the first to arrive with 5 people. How could I decide what other people want? The host claimed her co-workers need to have early dinner which I fully understood. If that is the case, DO NOT serve "High Tea". Put a note at the front entrance and lock the door!! We deserved much better service, especially we paid min $10.00/person. I wished the owner should know my experience. 10/12kt
Rice PaperGood quality food with lots of variety. The Japanese black sesame ice cream is a "must try" dessert. So is the mango yogurt. Service is excellent too! Will definitely go again.09/05.
Sushi FunIf you value fresh tasty sushi DO NOT GO to Sushi Fun. Our sushi there was lukewarm, which is not safe, and our sushi rolls contained a lot of disgusting fried breadcrumbs. Talk about restaurant nightmares, the sushi tray we ordered didn't even come with the tuna and eel as described. Oh and they garnished our food left over from the recent garbage strike, yellow and near rotting.Terrible!08/29.
JoemamasWickedly good food.01/23.
Best Friends Chinese SeafoodFood is pretty good and prices are reasonable.12/30Judy Doyle
Uncle Joe's FamilyI would like to make a reservation at your restuarant on Dec 24 at 7:30pm for 9 people. Howerver the phone number on the website (905.249.2249) was not working. Please call me to confrim my booking. Thanks.12/23Philip Chow
Sushi FunSushi Fun has “all-you-can-eat” menu. The staff purposely will bring you less food from what you’ll order, and when you’ll re-order the missing pieces, Sushi Fun staff again will bring you less pieces. Plus, numerous times the salmon sashimi was spoiled (dark in colour & smelled weird). The staff has very bad attitude towards their customers. Very unpleasant; I’ve never been to the WORST RESTAURANT in my life !!! I was surprised this restaurant can survive in business, I guess not for long. Terrible food & terrible service !!! We went to Sushi Fun several times and all the times the experience was terrible, WE WILL NEVER GO TO THIS RESTAURANT AGAIN !!! Don’t waste your money !!! Don’t go there !!! BAD FOOD, BAD SERVICE !!! 11/10William Fraser
Gourmet VegetarianThe BEST vegetarian restaurant I've been too.10/19Steve
Sushi Funi like fried chicken wings there10/11.
Sushi FunI have found after several visits that Sushi fun has consistently had great food, prices and service. If you are local check it out. Nice booths for dates & make-outs as well. Great atmosphere!09/13.
Home Made Japanesewe had to call the cops for the restaurant trying to cheat us out of a meal they stopped serving us food at 10 and we went at 9 and they dindt even tell us dont go there unless u want to argue and get cops involved08/25.
Home Made JapaneseFood isn't bad but service is terrible. The chef left like 1.5hrs before closing so they stopped giving us food and expected us to pay full price. We argued forever and we ended up calling the cops to settle it.08/25.
Sushi HomeThough Sushi Home was great, they are unfortunately closed now.08/20.
Happy Cafe & Steak Houseawesome, good prices, and actual quality clean food.08/14.
Daisuki SushiThe food is great, and fresh and tasty, but if you order from their all you can eat menu, prepare to eat a LOT of rice...(yes they pack the rice bigtime!) but it's still a great meal and very good selecion. The ambiance is rather bland, just tables and chairs, but it is well spaced out and not to crowded. My kids love going there for dinner, and always experiment with different foods. Be careful though, if you can' finish your order, you have to pay ala arte prices (which could be higher for one dish then the entire all you can charge!!) Service is fast and friendly, even when busy... Overall a 4 star experience !06/29Bern Doyle
Pho Viet Authentic Vietnamese CuisineThe noodle (broth) is excellent ! A very clean and nice Vietnamese restaurant !06/28.
Cafe 260Amazing!!!!!!!!!!06/20.
Don Valentino RistoranteHad to wait for a long time for a waiter and he was rude. The decor was old and the food tasted badly.06/13.
City HollywoodThe meat was dry and tough, it wasn't delicious at all. The soup for the noodles was tasteless.06/13.
My Sushi JapaneseI usually go to My Sushi once a week on Saturdays and I have to say it is the best Sushi i have had. I have been to many sushi restaurants in Toronto, Brampton, Woodbridge and i rate this one # 1 in my books. The food is so fresh and excellent. The All you can eat is very good and prepared well.05/25Dale
Divine WokPoor service, below average food quality.05/22.
Graceful VegetarianExcellence food and service!!! I am a beef lover until now!!!05/06Dan Flomen
Sushi Funjust unable to find a menu for your place online...04/30*****
Home Made JapaneseFood is not bad. Service is very very bad!! Not very clean either. If you go to dinner on weekend is a Rip off! We had to pay for my 3 yrs old $13.99+$2 sur charge for weekend. Never again!04/27Mike
Hong Shing ChineseGood service! Good Value! just don't forget the plum sauce every time!!!04/09.
Sushi Funok Service , Great sushi and also a FOOD POISONING! Just because that place is cheaper compare to other sushi restaurants , it dosent mean they have to serve not fresh fish or any other products they make their food out of . I suggest to pay more money and eat fresh food.03/13Marina
Hong Shing ChineseDelicious Food. =)03/08.
Home Made JapaneseThis restaurant is not worth it, the prices are as same as other restaurant but the food is lot worse.02/23.
Earth Indianbest dinner i have on valentine day02/17ANDREW
Gonzo's MexicanThis is my favorite mexican restaurant in toronto by far. having moved from california, this place even beats some of the restaurant back in cali. Fantastic food and atmosphere, i agree its a great date place!01/28.
Home Made JapaneseThe worst service ever. Our party of 6 left after an hour. We refused to pay due to the HORRIBLE service! Do not go, unless you have 3hs to spare01/13.
Hong Shing Chineseservice is great. however environment is very old. need renovation. food taste ok, but not very clean.01/11.
Hong Shing ChineseI love the food there, espically the people who serve there and how friendly and nice they are. Sure the outside of the resturant might judge it but when you walk in, its just a amazing smell of great food, this is probaly one of my favorite chinese resturants with so much to order from, also you can even bring in your laptop and play on the computer and eat, its just a wonderful enviroment.12/27Yi
Fortune Barbecue NoodlehouseFood is really below average. The pan fried noodles that we ordered has too much moist. It suppose to be dry. Other dishes that we ordered are not impressive either.12/20.
Hong Shing ChineseSick restaurant love it!12/17.
Hong Shing ChineseThis is an excellent restaurant.12/13Siddy
Hong Shing ChineseThis is the best restaurant in the world!12/13.
Hong Shing Chinesebest servive and excellent food !12/11.
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.Overpriced! Food is so-so. Too many stairs within the restaurant, causing inconvenience to seniors and ladies in high heels. My friend had her wedding there and she said the food was good at dish-tasting but turned out bad on the Wedding Day. She's very disappointed in the inconsistency.11/25.
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.Overpriced! Food is so-so. Too many stairs, causing inconvenience to seniors and ladies in high heels. A friend hosted wedding banquet there. The food was ok during dish-tasting but sucks on the Wedding Day, so it's a RIP-OFF!11/25.
Star Walk Buffet (Scar)not a bad try11/10.
Bob Caygeon'sWhere is your Menu to view. What kind of food do you serve and what is it.11/10.
Earth Indianthis use to napoli restaurant, i went for italian food. but mr gill convince me to try there food . honestly this is the best restaurant i ever went they served me so good which i can't forget. i reccomend this restaurant the best restaurant.10/28natali
Divine WokVIP card enjoy no discount on set dinners :(10/26.
Hyakka Sushilots of food choice (some of them can't be found at other japanese all-u-can-eat), taste not excellent but very good. only disadvantage is too far for me!10/24.
Abruzzo Pizzagood food not the nicest place. to many young guys serving with attitude.10/23.
Mandarin (Markham)overall Very good !10/23.
Grapefruit Moona lousy experience. don't go there.10/19.
Eddie's Wok 'N' RollThe best Hakka food in town! Excellent portions, great quality and presentation, very clean. A Must try..10/12.
The Great Canadian Bagel (Markham)Best bagels in Markham. Awesome breakfast sandwiches i.e. Western, Sausage Supreme, and Excellent Deli Sandwiches piled high with fine quality deli meats!!10/09.
The Great Canadian Bagel (Markham)Excellent Bagels and Cream Cheeses. Their variety is awesome!!10/09.
Miller Tavernlove this place - food is terrific10/07.
Earth Indianvery good service. Iam satisfied.09/06david schott
Earth Indianone of the best indian restaurant on yonge st.09/06gazi
Fujiya Japanese菜色平平,但貴格便宜08/30.
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